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A network needs personality.

Welcome to your path to good contacts.

Yet another network? Yes, but one which redefines the network idea. Most online networks help you create contacts and share interests. That is fine for increasing your chances of finding new business connections, but how many contacts do you need in order to find your ideal partner?

Using the International Private Network Association you require only one contact: contact to us. We are different. We know all our members personally. We recognize and understand the skills and requirements of each member and identify those with a common vision. When and only when we are certain

that a connection between members is of mutual benefit do we propose a relationship. We simplify and accelerate the process of finding good contacts. The International Private Network Association is an international actively guided organization. What does this mean for you? Read on for reasons for joining

Discovering potential.

A list of names is not helpful. Recommendations are.

Most networks emphasize the number of contacts and “friends”. However, only a few such contacts are active, many others are long forgotten.

The International Private Network Association recognizes the value of qualified contacts. Trust, based on personal experience is both in business and private affairs a prerequisite for cooperation. It is essential for us when passing on information or suggesting contacts. New contacts between members may only be initialized with our guidance and mediation.

Not the name of the contact is decisive at this stage but the vision of the possible value of the connection. We supply the framework and the active guidance required. A connection is only made when all involved are convinced of mutual benefit. We recognize capabilities and create synergies.

Understanding future requirements.

New ideas are essential, but may need development.

An idea is often born of the moment, making the environment appear in a new light. Such ideas are often the basis for business growth and success.

Ideas may seem to appear on their own but are usually based on knowledge and experience. We consolidate the knowledge and experience of the network to the advantage of all members. On the basis of this knowledge we may recognize requirements

of possibilities of individual members which may not be apparent to the individual. We pass on this knowledge and bring parties concerned together. We may not produce detailed business plans but are the catalyst for progress.

Join when both sides fit.

Finding the right fit needs cooperation.

Members of the International Private Network Association are strong individuals, each competent in their own market, just as we are.

To develop your ideas and to put your ideas into practice, you will need qualified partners, partners who share your ideals and practices, We find the connections for you, initially without personal contact between all parties. When commitment to the idea make personal contact constructive we guide and accompany you in your first exchanges.

If you are planning to enter a new market or to establish a base in a new country, your chances of success will be enhanced by having trusted and successful partners. We assist you from the initial idea through the creation of partnerships, through the initializing of your project, and, if you wish, further in the realization of your ideas.

How it works.

There are many ways to membership in ipna.

Recommended or on recommendation. Searched or found, aimed at or at random. Many ways lead to meet ipna. This is the first step to a prosperous partnership.

The first step towards membership is contact with us, whereby the initiative may come from us or from you. We arrange a meeting with you to talk about your interests, aims and business purpose and

follow this up with a written report including a description of our working methods. This is not strongly formalized but depends on open discussion and the preparedness to work as business friends.

International connected.

Global views offer new prospects.

ipna is an international organization. Political and cultural differences are for us not limits or borders but are the impetus for creative activity.

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We look forward to hearing from you.

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